We welcome children from traditional, interfaith, LGBTQ, single and other families.



at Har Sinai Temple
2421 Pennington Road
Pennington, NJ 08534

K-Grade 3 - Jewish Education Connection

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Kindergarten / First Grade – Discovering Myself in the Jewish Story

We focus on discovering how the early biblical stories relate to us, what Jewish acts we do and how we can make the world better through acts of G’millut Chasadim, helping others. We explore Jewish customs, participation in synagogue life and holidays.

Prayers students learn include the Shema, as well as Shabbat and holiday blessings.


Second Grade – The Personal Relevance of Torah, Avodah, G’milut chasadim

Torah teaches us how to be a part of the Jewish people. Jewish stories, celebrations and rituals help us understand and express our relationship with God. We continue to explore the enriching components of Jewish symbols, mitzvoth, love of Israel, etc.

Prayers students learn include food blessings and important parts of the Shabbat service.


Third Grade – Holiness

The laws and rules found in the Torah can help us to live a life filled with holy moments. Through avodah (our acts and deeds) we can make our lives and the world more kadosh (holy). A more in-depth exploration of Torah texts, discovering the holidays and exploring the synagogue.

Prayers students learn include the blessings after the meal and prayers of peace.