We welcome children from traditional, interfaith, LGBTQ, single and other families.



at Har Sinai Temple
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Grades 4-7 - Jewish Education Connection

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Fourth grade – Being Part of the Community

We explore what it means to be a part Am Israel and Eretz Israel (the nation, the people and the land of Israel). Keva and kavanah, the fixed order of worship and the personal intention we bring to prayer, are complementary aspects of Jewish worship, combining to help us make sacred connections. We also discuss making peace among friends and accepting differences.

Prayers students learn include the Shabbat Evening Service and the Amidah (Standing Prayer).
Fifth grade – Judaism and Prayer

An exploration of early Jewish history: The prophets, whose messages are a vital part of Judaism, were focused on reminding the Jewish people how God wants us to live. The concept of mitzvah, commandment, helps us understand our obligations in the world. The practice of prayer can help us grow through personal reflection, increase our connection to the Jewish people, and strengthen an individual’s relationship with God. We read “Wonder” by RJ Palacio, and learn to reach across lines of difference.

Prayers students learn include Kabbalat Shabbat (the Service to Welcome Shabbat).
Sixth grade – Revelation; Are You There, God?

Studying Jewish texts allows us to explore our relationship with God and reflect on the ways God is revealed to others and to ourselves. We continue with the American Jewish experience in the early 20th century and explore Jewish values in those dramatic moments. We discuss how a Jewish youth can blend Jewish life cycles into the fabric of contemporary, secular life. B’nai Mitzvah preparation and discussion starts and will continue by each synagogue separately.

Prayers students learn include the Shabbat Morning Service.


Seventh grade – Hineini, Here I Am: Emerging as a Jewish Young Adult

Our development as emerging Jewish adults and authentic members of the Jewish community is closely linked to our ethical behavior (middot) and the performance of acts of g’milut chasadim. The study of Jewish history continues from the 19th century to the present day with emphasis on events leading up to the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel. Discussion of current events and the parshah (Torah portion) of the week. We explore the similarities and differences of the Conservative and Reform movements.